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Business Services

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Albuquerque Business Services
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Comprehensive New Business Start-Up Services

Existing Business Consulting Services 

Albuquerque Business Services

for New Business Start-Up SUCESS

Albuquerque Business Services - Start Up Success.  With a MBA from the University of New Mexico, and as Successful Owner of several business over 25 years (including 16 years as a Financial Services Professional and Manager), I have the knowledge, skills and motivation to help you succeed with your Small Business Start-Up.

  • New Business Idea Generation personalized to YOU via Skills & Strengths Assessment
  • New Business Feasibility and SUSTAINABILITY Analysis
  • Comprehensive Community Assessment Survey: Resources and Competition
  • Professional Business and Marketing Plans
  • Extensive Training and Coaching Services
  • Extensive Knowledge and Utilization of LOCAL Business Rescources

Albuquerque Business Services

for Existing Business Revenue Enhancement

In-Depth experience over 16 years (not including MBA training) Professional Financial Advisor performing comprehensive Business Analysis with substantial and broad skills.  In addition to practical business experience, several years teaching Graduate Level Programs at Webster University in Computing, Organizational Development and Management.

  • Business Systems Analysis and Trouble-Shooting
  • Cash-Flow Analysis
  • Cost Savings Analysis for Margin Improvement
  • Organizational Design Analysis and Enhancement
  • Business Performance Improvement Services
  • Identify New Opportunities for Business and Revenues & Design Strategies