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Featured Albuquerque Web Designers
Featured Web Designers
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Michael Sleeter - Owner

If you live in Albuquerque, hiring the Professional Local Web Designers gives you the edge you need. 

Albuquerque Web Designers should embrace LOCAL needs, resources, communication styles and preferences and more to deliver superior services to Albuquerque Businesses and individuals.  Being Superior, Professional Albuquerque Web designers to me means understanding our community in ways 'outside designers' cannot imagine.  Albuquerque, and New Mexico are unique, complex cultures with our own special language and ways of thinking.  So I believe if you live in Albuquerque, or New Mexico, you best odds of building a successful, income-generating website is to work with Albuquerque Web Designers who passionately love and understand our beautiful city and state.  I hope you will contact me, converse with me about my ideas, and especially put me to work helping you make your own dreams come true.

Creative pursuits have always been my passion.  I am a musician (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and have a strong background in creative arts.  I expect I was probably among the earliest in Albuquerque to embrace web design technology; I created my first software before computers even had a graphical interface.  I designed a software with a graphical navigation interface called IDEALIST back in the 'shareware' days.  This humble first effort achieved supporters across the globe, it was a software program that embodied creativity; featuring an algorithm that helped you come up with creative business ideas.  I required my graduate business students to submit their homework on-line before anyone knew what the internet was!

I believe your search for the  most effective Albuquerque Web Designers should bring you impassioned creators with a strong desire for ORIGINALITY and an absolute commitment to designing your website specific to your needs and desires.  And if you are reading this page, I believe you have found just the right place for creative Web Design in Albuquerque. 

My Background

My formal education includes a BBA in Management from New Mexico State University and a MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of New Mexico.  Following the advice of Mark Twain, I have worked tirelessly ‘never to let my education get in the way of my learning’.



My work experience reflects the relative wild enthusiastic abandon with which I have ‘followed my heart and gut’ through a great many incredible experiences.  I am grateful for them all:

  • service station attendant when there actually were service stations
  • grease-splattered chicken fryer after the first gas crunch cost me my first job
  • retail manager in a home improvement chain from which I learned to repair just about everything
  • Landman with Atlantic Richfield Exploration Co., 
  • Spent time as a a struggling songwriter with my brother and co-wrote memorable classics such as “Stay”, now entombed along with numerous other unheralded and unappreciated works of creative un-genius; sure to be lost in the annals of time
  • toiled in the meaningless abyss of a weapons lab recruiting new fellow technician toilers, and then later learning to cipher ’spaghetti computer code’ (you’ve seen the pictures of an elephant put together by blind men, right).  Nonetheless, a gratifying episode as I learned firsthand  what NOT to do with my life
  • Professed in a professorial manner to graduate students at the University of Webster on topics ranging from computering to organizational developing
  • Ran my own computer consulting business back in the days nobody knew what a graphic interface was
  • Ran my own business consulting company helping companies analyze their business systems and cash flow
  • Settled on a long career financially advising a small but loyal (for whom I am ever-grateful) group of clients/friends over 10 years with Morgan Stanley and 6 years as president of my own successful business
  • Creator of numerous websites for myself and others, mastering along the way new technologies such as social marketing and ever thankful to Mr. Twain I am still ‘learning’albuquerque web designers
  • Writer/publisher;
  • and now, embarked upon another grand adventure of  helping small business and individuals thrive and prosper by delivering exceptional Web Design, Web Development and Management, Creative Services and Professional Business Services and by being one of the Best Albuquerque Web Designers.
My Interests are as varied as my meandering work history.  Fly-fishing, sustainable gardening, hiking, motorcycling, yoga-ing, dog-lover, committed and loyal family guy and dad to the best daughter imaginable, endlessly telling others what I think as if it matters, brainwave entrainment (WHAT?), making weird ‘water drop’ noises with my mouth, anything I can do which encourages people to realize their own incredible power to self-heal and, and, and….
I encourage you to CONTACT ME, arrange a face to face meeting and explore how hiring us will give you and/or your business a competitive advantage by working with professional Albuquerque Web Designers.  Heck, if you enjoy the Albuquerque Microbrewery scene like I do, then at least we'll have the pleasure of enjoying an 'elevated' at La Cumbre!
Namaste y’all

Aaron Giombolini - Independent Professional Vidoegrapher

Creative Albuquerque Web Designers nowadays provide clients a special advantage when they have Professional Videographer skills.  I have been working in film, TV and VFX in Albuquerque for the past four and a half years and have developed an array of production skills that can make your vision a reality. I own and operate a Canon EOS 7d, have lights, and the necessary sound equipment. In conjunction with my film work I am a co-owner of a local webdesign company. For the past 3 years we have built websites, shot and edited videos for the sites, and created brands and logos.

albuquerque web designers


I am a highly motived, hard working, multitasker.   Thank you for considering me for your Professional Videos needs.  Please let me know if you would like me to send recommendations and/or references from previous employers.

Below are some of the most recent videos I have shot and edited:

Paul Allen Homes Construction Process       

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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