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Colores Locales
-->CALL               (505) 259-8853

Web Design in Albuquerque  

12600 Morrow Ave NE     Albuquerque, NM  87112


Bienvenido!  This is my 'Ode to New Mexico' Page

Please enjoy perusing the many fabulous things we love best about the Land of Enchantment and Albuquerque

ZenDana - Best Massage in Albuquerque!

Combo plate number three, substitute slaw for salad side

albuquerque has TALENT

Blackout Theatre - Home of Lynette and Sh#$% burquenos say!

Shit Burqueños (New Mexicans) Say

I Won't Choose!  You can't Make Me!

Hiking in Albuquerque!!

An Hour's Drive and I'm FLY-FISHIN!

OMG - so much good NEW Mexican food in ABQ!

Get Elevated (IPA)


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