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Welcome to the Web Design in Albuquerque Free WordPress Themes Collection!

We are pleased to make these Free WordPress Themes available for download at no charge.  These WordPress Themes are all original creations of Web Design in Albuquerque and are provided as a courtesy to our clients and visitors.  More Themes are added regularly so be sure to check back if you do not see something you want. 


We encourage your feedback and suggestions!  

All that is required is to sign in as a Free Member and Provide your Name and Email.

We respect your privacy Rights and we will never sell our use your information in any way you have not authorized.

Free WordPress Themes Group One:  Fixed Width Themes 


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If you are already logged in, simply left click on the picture of the theme(s) of your choice and your download will begin automatically.


Custom-Designed Original WordPress Themes - Same Day Service Available!



We will build WordPress Themes to your specifications.  


Main Features:

RAPID, High-Quality Development

Custom Themes built to your specifications.

Colors, Fonts, Layouts, Columns, Fixed or Variable Widths

Same-Day Service Available

Original, Royalty-Free - they are YOURS

Reasonable Prices

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Prices Start at $99


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Important information

These Free WordPress Themes are provided as a courtesy to our clients and visitors.  There is no warranty express or implied.  There is no support for these free wordpress themes.   The themes are provided 'as-is'.  You may modify them in any manner you desire for your own personal or business site(s).  You may NOT under any circumstances attempt to sell the un-modified Themes as your own original works.


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