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Social Media Albuquerque

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Strategic Social Media
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Social Media Expert?  Strategic Social Media???  - "why should I care?" 




# of Facebook Users Worldwide?



800,000,000 Facebook Users








# of YouTuber's Worldwide?



500,000,000 YouTube Users









# of Tweeter's Worldwide?



383,000,000 Twitter Users








 # of Google+ Users Worldwide?



 90,000,000 Google+ Users

 (est 400,000,000 by end of 2012)







 Social Media Ad Revenues?



$10.3 BILLION - Social Media  

              in 2011






Getting The (Social Media)





            Social Media =  





<-----  Here's Why

7 Reasons to Utilize a Social Media Expert

1.  Establish and Sustain a Professional, Trusted-Authority Social Media Presence

2.  Create Business Sites at Facebook, Google, etc. Integrate with your website

3.  Ensure you are "Like-able" with high-quality, original content

4.  Attract Traffic to your websites using a social media expert

5.  Attract the Search Engines with your "Like-ability"

6.  Apply Professional Social Media SEO techniques to optimize revenue

7.  Research Social Media for mission-critical Business info and opportunities

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