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Passive Income Websites

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Passive Income Websites
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Did You Know?

Over $2 Billion has been paid out over 14 years by Clickbank ALONE, to its Affiliate Marketers that have Passive Income Websites?

Wouldn't you like to on the receiving end of some of that?

Passive Income Website Design and Development

Types of Passive Income Websites

 passive income websites   

    There are SO MANY ways to earn Passive Income online through your own Passive Income Website

< ——- Sell Your Own Products; Hand-made Crafts, etc

< ——-Sell your Unique Knowledge or Skills, “How to’s”; Ebooks, etc

< ——-Sell Products of other’s that you use and enjoy; Become an Amazon, or Clickbank Affiliate, etc

< ——-Sell Your Music, Videos, Pictures



(This is just ONE example among many, many possibilities)

Among other things, we are Amazon Associates.  On this page of Web Design in Albuquerque you can see a link to your left that displays a picture of a book that we enjoyed called "E-Riches 2.0"  If you click that link, you will be taken to the book's location on Amazon.  If you buy the book, Amazon will pay us a fee.  Now we are not using this website to promote this particular book.  However we can build you a website that allows you to promote various items that are sold on Amazon, and then target important search terms to drive traffic to your website, and through the effectiveness of your promotion, lead to sales.

For example, let's say you love electronic gadgets.  They are your passion and hobby, and just plain fun.  Why not share the enjoyment you receive by building a website specifically designed to display, review and promote those gadgets?

passive income websites

As another example, is a client who is a massage therapist.  She uses her website to attract massage clients, but she also derives passive income by advertising products she uses and believes in (massage tables, chairs, etc) to other professionals who visit.  It is a useful service because she is sharing valuable information about products she has tested and has experience with, she can help others find quality products (and avoid purchase mistakes), and at the same time derive some revenue around the clock without lifting a finger.  And saving her fingers while earning some passive income is important!

Please Contact US (505) 259-8853 for a FREE CONSULATION to discuss what type of Passive Income Websites will be suitable for YOU!

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