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turnkey websites

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Turnkey Websites or Managed Websites

Web Design in Albuquerque

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You have a FULL RANGE of options available to you at Web Design in Albuquerque.  Whether you want a simple Rapidly-Developed Website up and running quickly (1-2 days), or a full-fledged business-optimized website with all the bells and whistles, the choice is yours.

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What are  Turnkey Websites?

turnkey websites

Turnkey Websites are Websites designed to your specifications with the intent of turning full Management and Maintenance (the keys) of the website over to you.  Turnkey Websites from Web Design in Albuquerque have the following features:

 ----> Websites built and priced on a sliding scale.  Pricing determined by your selection of desired components/services.

 ----> Free Consultation to jointly fill in easy-checklist from from which I can give you a rapid package price for your turnkey websites

 ----> Experience the benefits of Global Reach along with Local, face-to-face connections.  We can also work through video-conferencing.


Summary:  There are plenty of big companies out there that churn out cookie-cutter template websites.  Before you turn over a dime to one of those places, you should at least request a Free Consultation to help you judge the benefits of Turnkey Websites, and working individually with someone who will personally care about your success rather than plugging your bucks into a impersonal website-dispenser machine. 

..and, What is a Managed Website?

As opposed to Turnkey Websites, A "Managed Website" is a Website owned by you that can have multiple levels of  Website Management Services provided by Web Design Albuquerque.  Your level of service provided will be jointly determined managed websitesthrough a careful analysis of your business and marketing objectives.  The Main Features and Benefits of a Managed Website are:



Custom-Designed, Business Optimized Website Design

Hosting Services Analysis, Selection and Administration

High Quality Content Development (multi-media, or crafted written content)

Professional, Proven Marketing and Campaign Strategy/Implementation

Client Communications & Retention


Email List Management

Integration with Multiple Devices (phone, laptop, etc)

 Implement Backup and Security-Hardening Methodologies

Professional Search Engine Optimization

Website Ranking and Website Traffic Generation Services

Keyphrase/Keyword Search and Optimization

SEO - OptimizedContent Design and Analysis

SEO - Analytics and Administration

Analytics Traffic and Conversion Analysis and Tracking


Social Media Optimization and Monitoring

Google+/Facebook/LinkedIn/Other Business Setups

Website Conversion (turning your traffic into sales)

Ranking Maintenance Services (Search Engines routinely change parameters)

Make sure you WATCH THIS VIDEO of Real Results My Clients Obtain

More; Related Business Analysis Services, Business Strategy Integration, etc 



----> Draw Targeted Motivated Buyers/Clients to your Website

----> Cost-effective Selection of Hosting Services most Suitable to Your Needs

----> Search Engine/Client Attracting ORIGINAL Revenue-Optimized Content

---->Cost-effective Return-Oriented Use of Scarce Resources ($$)



      } ---->Attract New Clients, Retain Hard-Won Loyal Customers


 ---->  Protect Your Valuable Assets from Malicious Activity






     }  Professional High Quality Search Engine Optimization Services are

     }  Complex, Rare, Require Constant Learning and Attention

     }  and the Benefit of Utilizing Web Design in Albuquerque

     }  for these services is RESULT$ | RESULT$ | RESULT$




---->Business Optimized and Integrated | Relationship-Oriented